And the Flood Goes On… - Episode 22

And the Flood Goes On… - Episode 22

June 26, 2017

Pamela and Katie sit down with Dr. Peter Duffy, head of the Master of Arts in Teaching program and Associate Professor in the Theatre and Dance department of the University of South Carolina, to discuss the play, "And the Flood Goes On..." that was performed for the first time November 4, 2016 at the State Library. The production is an hour-long composite play based on the accounts of South Carolina residents who experienced the flood of 2015 firsthand. This production was part of the State Library’s #SCStronger display, a special exhibit designed to explore the 2015 flood disaster through the visual arts. The display honored those who responded to the 2015 flood event and examines the impact it had on the state.


Dr. Peter Duffy:
2015 SC Flood Event:

Listen with purpose. NiA! - Episode 16

Listen with purpose. NiA! - Episode 16

March 15, 2017

Pamela and Katie chat with local artist and advocate Darion McCloud about his current and upcoming projects (and reminisce about some old ones, too). They discuss the NiA Company's production of Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life, showing this weekend, and reminisce over Pamela and Darion's days together in the Richland County Library children's room. Be prepared: After this podcast episode, you'll be itching to go to the theatre.

Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life:
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At Tapps Arts Center: 

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