Delving into SC Discus - Episode 5

August 24, 2016

Join us as we sit down with the SC Discus staff, Patricia Sinclair, Jessica Ogburn, and Linda Heimburger.  We will explore a few of the many wonderful resources available in the South Carolina Virtual Library and learn a few tricks and tips for using some of the tools.  Even Katie and I learned a few things during our short recording session.

Some of the tools highlighted include: BrainPopJr, Opposing Viewpoints, Science Reference Center, Credo, Nursing Resource Center, Consumer Health Complete, and more. All of these resources and more can be found at

If you have further questions, SC Discus staff can be reached by phone at 803-545-0201 or by email at  You can also find SC Discus on social media Twitter: @scdiscus and on Facebook: Discus--South Carolina's Virtual Library.

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