Family of Warriors with Ed DeVos

January 18, 2018

Dr. Curtis Rogers discusses Family of Warriors with author Ed DeVos. This is a story of five brothers who serve in five different combat areas during World War II and about their love for their country and for their fellow soldiers. And it is a story of a mother and father’s love for their warrior sons and how ordinary people answered the call to serve their country and ran to the sound of the guns and not away from them. These men did not serve for riches or for wealth. They did not serve for fame or notoriety. They served because it is their duty to their country. They served for the common good. They served because it was the “right thing to do.”

DeVos is a highly decorated military officer and is also an experienced writer of thought-provoking historical fiction. His four works, The Stain, The Chaplain's Cross, Revenge at Kings Mountain, a Revolutionary War battle fought in October, 1780, and Family of Warriors, feature characters who model valor, integrity, honor, and courage as they face spiritual and moral dilemmas that warriors have always faced on the battlefield. His works inspire the readers to search how they too would fare in the dilemma posed. He now makes his home in South Carolina where he speaks to various veteran, church, and civic organizations about these themes.


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